clogged pipe, duct or well is a problem that requires immediate solution on the one hand because it causes difficulties in our daily lives and on the other hand it can be a dangerous source of infection.

The INTECK SERVICE with highly specialized partners who staff our teams can guarantee the prompt and effective resolution of any obstruction problem by calling at 210 68 25 691.

We are able to provide any obstructive work needed in:

  • houses (detached houses, apartment buildings, cottages)
  • businesses (restaurants, business premises, school complexes, companies, etc.)

Depending on the problem you face, we choose the right crew for your immediate and correct service.

Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with the necessary equipment :

  • electromechanical tools
  • pressing machine

to be able to solve the problem without delay and most importantly successfully.

We undertake:

  • Blockages of kitchen sink,bathroom sink, bathtub
  • Vertical blockages
  • Gutter blockage
  • Water pumping
  • Sewer evacuations
  • Camera diagnosis and well blockages
  • Regular inspection and cleaning of drains with a pressure machine because preventing problems is always preferable to solving them!

The purpose of our company is to provide immediate and correct services so that our customers are happy and satisfied.