A sightly and well-tended garden completes the overall picture of our home or our business space.

The team of well-trained and experienced gardeners of INTECK SERVICE together with the agronomists who work with us promise the care and perfect maintenance of your garden with a phone call at 210 68 25 691.

We have the knowledge and the elegance to shape your outdoor space and to offer you a beautiful result.

We undertake :

  • Cleaning your garden of grass and leaves
  • Lawn care with cleaning, mowing, watering planning and disease protection using the right materials
  • Taking care of the plants and trees in your garden
  • The pruning of trees
  • Seasonal work such as carving and lubrication
  • The configuration of your garden from the beginning with the selection of the right and durable plants and trees depending on the conditions and the composition of the soil of your area so that we can offer you a colorful and beautiful result

Our concern is to understand exactly how you imagine your space.

Our goal is to make your vision a reality.