The rhythms of everyday life and the increased obligations of all of us, result in a lack of mood, calmness, resistance, and tolerance for the calm settlement of the problems that arise in the management and maintenance of the apartment building or the professional roof.

These facts caused the disturbance of the smooth functioning of the buildings and the rupture in relations between the tenants.

INTECK SERVICE having many years of experience in building management and experienced and competent partners, can promise you the proper and smooth operation of your building with complete transparency in the management of your money, exempting you from all responsibility.

Trust us in the management of your building and ensure calm, avoidance of tensions and harmonious cohabitation between the tenants because our partners promise and always act on the basis of the overall and personal interest of each tenant individually.

You will be relieved of the obligation to solve problems between tenants, supervise projects and raise money monthly.

We undertake for you with a phone call to 210 68 25 691 any required work according to the legislation, the fixed monthly costs of the building as well as the application and implementation of the decisions of the Assemblies.

We have a legal department that can take on any legal issue that arises between the tenants that may affect the proper and orderly operation of the building.

In particular, we undertake:

  • The monthly publication of commoners
  • Collection by observing a specific program of visits for this purpose
  • Supervision and oversight of all workshops (cleanliness, elevator maintenance) and their timely payment.
  • Our specialized partner visits the building on a weekly basis and checks for any damage and wear to the public areas in order to carry out the immediate restoration thus ensuring the smooth operation of the building
  • Payment of the basic monthly costs of the building
  • Maintenance of burner, boiler
  • Oil Unit Monitoring & Oil Supply
  • The organization of Assemblies in accordance with the Building Regulation
  • We faithfully apply the rules of the building and implement the decisions of the Assemblies immediately and faithfully.
  • We carry out valid and timely work provided by the State (maintenance of hot water, disinfections, maintenance of fire extinguishers)
  • We update in detail the accounting records of the apartment building with all the receipts which are at all times available to the owners for inspection thus ensuring total transparency
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