INTECK SERVICE using modern computer systems can at low cost undertake the issuance of your building Fees.

All we need from you is:

(a) a photocopy of the Table of co-ownership rates where the millimeters of utilities, elevator and heating of each apartment are written in it

(b) in the case of autonomous heating:

  • photocopy of the Heating Cost Allocation Table
  • if the heat meters are timers or calorimeters and
  • if there are extra counters

(c) your monthly expenses which you can submit in 2 ways:

We undertake the monthly version of your building fees which includes:

  • 2 aggregated statements (one for the manager and one for the building table)
  • A notice and a proof of payment for each tenant, including in detail the billing amounts based on the millimetres of the apartment

And they come to you within 24 hours with a partner of our company or we send them to you by e-mail.

Έκδοση Κοινοχρήστων