Protecting the roof of buildings from external environmental erosion factors such as sun, rain and humidity is of utmost importance to avoid unpleasant effects inside buildings (humidity, mold, fungi) that create an unhealthy environment as they are related to quality. of the air we breathe.

The specialized crews of INTECK SERVICE suggest you the appropriate type of insulation – waterproofing that the building needs based on the age of the construction, the already existing insulation, and your budget.

By using durable materials and applying certified insulation systems based on ELOT, we promise you the correct insulation of your building from cold, heat and humidity effectively and definitively.

Trust us with the insulation of your building and enjoy a comfortable stay in your space.

In more detail:

Insulation protects the building from external factors and ensures:

  • maintaining the temperature inside the building at normal levels regardless of the outside temperature
  • proper heating
  • energy savings up to 30%
  • protection of building materials (protection of concrete from disintegration and protection of roof reinforcement from oxidation)  

Types of thermal insulation:

  1. Classic – Conventional insulation

 It offers 100% protection against damp, heat and cold because the thermal insulation materials go under the seal and are not exposed to damp.

  • It adheres perfectly to all materials
  • It has a low weight, so we choose it when light construction is required
  • It is economical
  1. Inverted insulation

The thermal insulation it offers us is satisfactory.

Thermal insulation materials come under the seal, so they are exposed to rain, and it is very important to choose the materials so that they are not affected by damp.

We recommend it as a more economical solution for thermal insulation and especially where there are already water leaks.

  1. Polyurethane insulation

An economical solution that is mainly proposed for sloping roofs or old constructions (even houses without columns) due to its light weight.

  • Is applied by spraying
  • adheres perfectly to any building material
  • dries quickly and
  • offers perfect thermal and sound insulation

Waterproofing prevents the ingress of water and damp inside the buildings.

Sealing Types:

  1. With tarpaulins
  • It is a reliable and economical seal with a lifespan of up to 25 years
  • It adheres perfectly to all building materials and can be applied all seasons easily and quickly
  • It offers 100% protection from the rain

The HYPERDESMO is elastic polyurethane film with excellent adhesion to the concrete.

Creates seamless drying membrane and reduces the temperature inside the building from 3 ° C to 5 ° C.

It is extremely durable:

  • in weather conditions
  • in sunlight due to its white color and
  • in any kind of stress (thermal or mechanical)

Do not wait for problems to appear first.

Contact us at 210 68 25 691 and our experienced partners will assess the condition of your construction and will suggest you the most advantageous and final solution.

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