The walls (interior or exterior) whether it is for our house or for the common areas of our apartment building or our professional roof, over time or external factors such as humidity, smoke, etc., show problems (cracks, mold, holes etc.).

Painting and repairing any form of damage requires careful work and the selection of suitable materials depending on the problem.

The specialized crews of INTECK SERVICE with many years of experience in oil painting are constantly trained in the use of new materials and new techniques and can guarantee you an elegant result that will exceed your expectations.

We choose for you ecological colors and materials of exceptional quality and durability.

We undertake all oil painting work indoors and outdoors, giving great importance to the proper preparation of the surface to be painted.

Specifically, we  undertake:

  • Painting homes – businesses with damp, peeling, cracking, mold
  • Interior painting – refreshments
  • Painting of apartment buildings – staircase – elevator doors
  • Painting windows, closets, doors, radiators

Call us at 210 68 25 691 to estimate the cost of your work.

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