The INTECK SERVICE with experience in installation and maintenance of elevators is on your side and provide regular maintenance and technical support even after the installation of each lift.

Guided by your needs and the specifics of each building installation, our goal is to provide a full  elevator installation service.

Our specialized staff is responsible for conducting a thorough study in your area and the professional installation of elevators for any use. The installation of an elevator for professional or home use, is an investment and our company is here to guarantee its smooth operation.

We are close to you with a phone call to 210 68 25 691 to offer you reliability and stability.

From the design stage to the implementation of a project, we make sure that there is constant communication and cooperation with our customers in order to achieve an excellent result and the delivery of a safe and fully functional elevator.

Knowing that the monthly maintenance of an elevator is not only necessary but also essential to ensure its proper operation and ensure the safety of those who use it by our specialized professionals is the guarantee for the long and smooth operation of your elevator.

Our technical staff has the experience and are fully trained to cope any damage occur at any time and offer you an economical and quick solution.

Elevator maintenance includes the following tasks:

  • Checking and adjusting the elevator fuses
  • Lubrication and cleaning of all connections
  • Checking the correct operation with special technological equipment
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